Playlist Schwarze Zone 19.05.2017

19 Mai

aeon sable Visions (Angels in the desert mix)
B.F.G Switch
Soft Kill From this point
Ritual Howls My friends
The Mission A wing and a prayer
Gene Loves Jezebel Desire  (12″ White Label GW Childs Remix)
Decoded Feedback Monument
Skinny Puppy The Choke
Sixth June 82
Pouppée Fabrikk Photographic
Lebanon Hanover Hall of ice
Azar Swan Over
Saigon Blue Rain Goodbye horses
Scary Bitches The island of the damned
Revolting Cocks Da ya think I’m sexy?
Rotersand Almost violent
Fïx8:Sëd8 Oblivion
Dorsetshire Hass
Cabaret Voltaire Nag, nag, nag
Soviet Soviet The beasts are brave
Whispering Sons Wall
Wires & Lights Swimming
The 69 Eyes Gothic girl

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Playlist Schwarze Zone 21.04.2017

21 Apr

The Jesus and Mary Chain Reverence
Clan of Xymox Leave me be
A Projection Dark city
Holygram Still there
Holygram Daria
Traitrs Gallows hill
Traitrs Witch trials
Children on Stun Hollow
Undertheskin \\BURN\\
The Foreign Resort She is lost
Principe Valiente Wildest flowers
Portion Control Screen of death
The Cassandra Complex VALIS
Boytronic Luna square
None Tumultu
None Denying
Selofan Mausoleum
Selofan Shadowmen
Night Sins Enamored and nailed shut
Night Sins Crystal blue
This Cold Night Circuits
This Cold Night Cold snow
Brotherhood Another day
Brotherhood Damned
Bleib Modern Leave me
Bleib Modern Mindless
Diät Nausea
Seasurfer If you leave


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Playlist Schwarze Zone 17.03.2017

17 Mrz

The Chameleons Swamp thing
The Chameleons In shreds
The Human League Empire state human
Drab Majesty Dot in the sky
Drab Majesty Too soon to tell
Cold Cave Oceans with no end
Cold Cave Confetti
Agent Side Grinder The screams
Agent Side Grinder This is us
The KVB Awake
Supernova 1006 Crosses
Supernova 1006 Talons
Mode in Gliany La colombe D’Aristofor
Multiple Man Luxury Boys
Strucktura Left behind
Tempers Tail in my mouth
Tempers Far
The Sisters Of Mercy Poison Door
Klez.E Flammen
The Cure Prayers for rain
The Convent First impressions of the West
The Fair Sex You know how
Assemblage 23 Purgatory
Actors Like u want 2
Led Er Est PS 18


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Playlist Schwarze Zone 17.02.2017

17 Feb

Frustration Cause you ran away
The Underground Youth Persistent stable hell
The Underground Youth Youth beast (Anti war song)
Whispering Sons Performance
Soviet Soviet Pantomime
Has A Shadow Vampire kiss
Has A Shadow Sorrow
Date At Midnight Cold modern world
Golden Apes Verity
Ritual Howls Nervous hands
L’an2000 Nonsense
Sixth June Knife in the water
Sixth June Nebo
Soft Kill Whirl
Soft Kill On the inside
Razorline Winternight
Christine Plays Viola Nefarious
Kalt The sister
Under The Rain When it burns like snow
Unhappybirthday Taipeh
Drangsal Allan align
A Projection Hands
The Godfathers A big bad beautiful noise
Artefact Siren
No More Turnaround
Brandenburg Cold nights

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Playlist Schwarze Zone 20.01.2017

20 Jan

Unmoderierte Konserve. Thema sollte eindeutig sein…

Black Bug Frozen Energy
Snakedance Winterland
Bella Morte One Winter’s Night
The Last Dance Winter
Christine Plays Viola It’ll Be Cold This Winter
The Blue Angel Lounge Winter
Daughter Winter
Covenant Winter Comes
Dust Of Basement Winter Sun
Farblos Winterherz
Fliehende Stürme Schneetreiben
:wumpscut: Die in Winter
The Frozen Autumn Winter
Garden Of Delight Wintercoffin
Bay Laurel Winter Flight
The Convent Winterland
Ikon Winter mourning
Lament Winter
motorama Winter At Night
Bleib Modern Winter Mood
New Model Army Winter
Diary Of Dreams Winter’s Decay
Phantom Leaf Book Of Winter
Winter Severity Index Athlete
Sara Noxx Winter Again
The Beauty of Gemina Voices Of Winter

Playlist Schwarze Zone 18.11.2016

18 Nov

Sweet Ermengarde Carmilla
Golden Apes Ignorance
Golden Apes Cedars of salt
Pictures Of Agony Vale of ice (Tape version)
Revenge Of Nephthys  Take the dark train
Bleib Modern Their changing faces
Spectres Figures in the sand
Box And The Twins Birds
Box And The Twins This place called nowhere
La Scaltra Visions of glass
Winter Severity Index Waiting Room
Monographic The house
aeon sable Garden of delight
Frank The Baptist Silver is her colour
Whispers In The Shadow The lost souls
Funeral Address Destination brain
The Permanent Confusion Full moon
The Cure Cold
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry This today
Hapax Desert
Black Arcade Kissed to kill
Cult Club Like before
Saigon Blue Rain The unknown
The Beauty Of Gemina Crossroads

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Playlist Schwarze Zone 21.10.2016

21 Okt

Morthem Vlade Art Spirits
motorama Someone is missed
motorama Sign
In Letter Form Again
Echo Strobes Black cloak
The Mission Tyranny of secrets
The Mission Met-Amor-Phosis
Funhouse Care for you
Dr. Arthur Krause Midnight rain
Black Arcade Severed lies
Black Arcade Shadows of the sun
Stargraph Ordinary
Covenant Sound mirrors
Evils Toy Vanished soul
Dupont Perfection
Zanias Follow the body
Cold Phoenix The greatness of love
The Cure Disintegration (live)
B.F.G. Murder
Snake Corps Victory Parade
Peter And The Test Tube Babies Spirit of Keith Moon
Sextile Visions of you
Spectres Strange weather
Saigon Blue Rain Queen Ephemeria
Daughter New ways

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